Spotlight Publication: Liquid Imagination


Doing something a little different here. It’s a spotlight type of thing where I promote a small press publication either online or in print and post some odds and ins about them.

The first one is Liquid Imagination, founded by John Miller, a visionary if there ever were one. His desire to blend word with art has been done before—numerous times, but the real blend is in how well the stories and art mesh. Add in music and the spoken word and you have Liquid Imagination, a place where dreams and fantasy meet reality.

Liquid Imagination Submissions Guidelines

The following links are to some of the stories and poetry Liquid Imagination has to offer. These are the tip of the iceberg that is Liquid Imagination.

First Night Out by Jonathan Curelop

The World Builder by Michael Pennington

Psychogenic Fugue by George Moore

Making Changes by Rebecca Brown

Introducing Botanical by Annemarie Bogart

Living in a Negative World by Pepe Nero

Everything’s New by Rebecca Anne Renner

The Curse of Being Pretty by Damien Walters Grintalis

A Chase of Stars by Kyle Owens

They also have a wide range of non-fiction for you to peruse. An example of this is in the following link, a great piece by Coach Dare Kent.
9 Ways to Refuel Your Creativity Tank by Coach Dare Kent

Liquid Imagination has been around since the end of 2008 and has offered up some of the best and most original works in the business. It has been a mainstay as other e-zines have closed their doors permanently.

The staff is made up of several dedicated individuals.

Sue Babcock is the Managing Editor and website guru.

Fiction Editor Kevin Wallis brings his love of the written word to the table. His desire to put out great fiction is trumped only by his desire to help new writers become better.

Chrissy Davis is the Poetry Editor. You can thank her for all of the wonderful poetry.

Brandon Rucker has joined the staff as the Micro Fiction Editor. His unique insight into the art of the short short story helps him choose some of the best micro fiction out there.

Jack S. Rogers is the brain behind the artwork, working tirelessly to bring beautiful new images to the pages of Liquid Imagination.

Bob Eccles is the Voice of Liquid Imagination. His smooth delivery brings to life the many stories appearing within the world of Liquid Imagination. He is a treat to be heard, pleasing to the ears…

2 thoughts on “Spotlight Publication: Liquid Imagination

  1. Excellent review of this amazing website. It is a collective of some very talented artists whose range travels a spectrum from genre to literary, from fiction to non-fiction. The layouts are terrific.


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