Homer Grigsby is in the twilight of his life. His body is frail, and his brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Having outlived his wife and friends, and even his only son, Homer is left with his thoughts on most days. It’s on those days—when he is alone—that Homer’s mind drifts away and the ghosts of the past visit him.

“It’s time to go,” the ghosts say, but Homer resists their calls. Instead, he ventures back in time to a painful memory … and one buried deep in the recesses of his soul …


Whether you have difficulties with your own memory, or know someone who has/had Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you can fully relate to the character A.J. Brown has conjured up in his own memory banks once again. As aging takes it’s tole on Homer, he not only loses friends and family, he also loses his memory. These ghosts and memories whisper to him, trying to connect their worlds. Homer battles the voices and memory loss in his own way. A.J. Brown continues to make you feel a part of the story, as he does with all his writing. Another successfully written story! Thank you for the great read.


Once again Author AJ. Brown brings you an intriguing and edge of your seat story. I have to say the story of Homer Grisby is one that I won’t soon forget. I felt as I was reading his story that Homer was someone I have known in my life. This is a true one of a kind story about a man who is fighting against time and getting older. I will not give the plot away but let’s just say AJ Brown takes the reader on a journey of many emotions with this unique character. If you have not read this story check it out. Bravo!


A.J Brown continues to create compelling and intriguing characters so well that you feel like you know them. Right from the start of the book you realize you’re on the way to another emotional filled trip.

Homer Grigsby has outlived his wife, friends and due to an unforeseen incident, his only son. He sits alone, rocking on his porch, reliving his past while seeing the ghosts of those he’s lost telling him “it’s time, let go.” Most of his memories he can live with except for the one that haunts him to this day.

Brown writes like no one else, it’s like someone is sitting with you and telling you a story of their life. I can’t recommend this book or for that matter, any of A J Brown’s books highly enough.


Just finished The Forgetful Man’s Disease, a novella by AJ Brown. This isn’t the first story by him that I have read. Each time I read his work, the voice of his characters grab me. This story is about a man who is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, reliving his past as ghosts torment him. It is a story about love and loss, about grief and sadness, but, most of all, about letting go.

There were twists and turns, sure, but the real power of the story comes in the very real characters AJ Brown brings to life, the emotional journey we go through as we watch a man struggle with confusion and the loss of his memories. At the end of the novella, AJ Brown talks about how this town is based off a SC town he lived in, and the realism is easily seen in his writing.

I’m very happy I picked up this novella and read it. Will be sharing this one with my wife.

As a side note, the love between the MC and his wife was very beautiful and touching. 5/5


I’ve had the pleasure of reading a good amount of Brown’s writing and I’m never disappointed. He is far and beyond the best writer of Southern Gothic to be found right now. The Forgetful Man’s Disease is a deeply melancholy tale, beautifully written, with an exquisite love for the craft of storytelling. Brown writes characters that are so good you feel as though they are there in the room with you telling you their story. Be careful when you start reading this book because you won’t want to put it down once you do. I was sent an advanced reading copy (ARC) of this book in digital form, but I loved it so much I needed the paperback for my shelf. This is a high five stars and, as always, I’m excited for what this author will come up with next.


The characters are so well fleshed out I felt an immediate connection with them. Most obviously Homer. I love the emotion of every aspect of the story. And you handled the dual-time narrative masterfully. It’s REALLY well written.

I feel as gut-punched as Homer must have when he’d realized his fateful mistake! I never saw it coming. I was glad Homer had done what he’d done & would’ve done the same had I been in his shoes.

And I suppose I’d have ended up surrounded by ghosts too.


If you enjoy intelligent, well-written horror stories filled with rich, complex characters then A.J. Brown is the author for you. And The Forgetful Man’s Disease is a perfect introduction to this extremely talented writer. This novella is a short enough to be read in a couple of sittings but packs the punch of a full-length novel & will leave you thinking about what you’ve read long after you’ve finished reading it.

The story centers around Homer Grigsby, an elderly widower who’s final days are fast approaching. As Homer deals with the frustrations common with advanced age, most notably his increasingly untrustworthy memory, he is also continually confronted by things that are decidedly less common: the ghosts of long dead friends, neighbors & loved ones. The story unfolds in frequent transitions between two points in time, the nightmare-like present and a period from decades earlier during which a tragic event would have a painful and enduring effect upon Homer’s life. These shifts in time are done seamlessly and add to a sense of foreboding that builds continually from the first page to the last. The story is beautifully written with a conclusion that is as emotional as it is stunning.

The brilliance in A.J.’s writing is in the way he effortlessly blends the inhuman aspects of horror that readers of the genre crave (the spirits of the dead in this case) and the simple human emotion that readers of ANY genre crave.
In a nutshell…If you’re a fan of horror or simply a fan of beautifully told stories you will LOVE The Forgetful Man’s Disease.


A haunting tale that takes you on a journey as any good book should! The writer takes you along with the main character on a ride from the sad but innocent to the dark recesses of memory. Highly recommend this and any of his other works.

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