My Summer Vacation by Jimmy Lambert

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.31.06 PMOn the third day of summer vacation in 1979, three boys walked along the side of a road, laughing, talking about baseball cards, swimming at Booger’s Pond and Sarah Tucker, the prettiest girl in school. How could they know a few minutes later one of them would be dead, one crippled and one about to face the worse summer of his life? 

Wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Jimmy Lambert is sent to The Mannassah Hall Institute for Boys. On his first day there, Doctor William English strikes him. It would be the first of many Jimmy would suffer at the hands of guards and inmates. Fighting back is an option, but could it have dire consequences?

As Jimmy loses hope, two unlikely people come to his aid. Will they be in time to save him from the bullies at The Mannassah Hall Institute for Boys? Or will they be too late?


One thought on “My Summer Vacation by Jimmy Lambert

  1. My Summer Vacation by Jimmy Lambert by Author AJ Brown: 5 Stars Bravo AJ Brown.
    This is one of the most engaging, thrilling and heart pounding stories I have ever read. One of the most amazing things about author AJ Brown ( Jeff Brown) is that he takes you into this journey an introduces us to the young Jimmy Lambert and at first things seem like just regular day with boys hanging out and enjoying Summer Vacation in 1979 but what happens next is just terrifying. One minute all is well and the next minute tragedy strikes and Jimmy is then accused of a crime that is obvious he didn’t do. Then begins Jimmy’s horrific nightmare as he enters Mannassah Hall Institute for boys and comes face to face with it’s leader Doctor English who immediately strikes Jimmy and there begins more terror and injustice for the young man. I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down. Something about the way Author AJ Brown writes his stories he truly captures all of the characters and makes you experience all of the anguish they are going through. I hope you will check out this story and find out what happens to Jimmy Lambert. Bravo AJ Brown!

    Sylvia Stein



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