Andrew Colson never intended to kill anyone. The dead that haunted his childhood had other plans.

The first ghost to appear to him was Billy Jumper, a four-year-old special needs child murdered by his stepfather in a drunken fit. Billy was followed by Sarah Lockingham and Janie Whiteside, then the one person who he loved most, his father. 

After the death of a close friend, Andrew learns what the ghosts want from him and sets out to fulfill their needs. In doing so, Andrew discovers a devastating truth that may push him beyond setting things right for the dead. It might lead him to revenge.  

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To purchase a digital copy of Five Deaths, please follow the Amazon link below. 


Awesome Novel That Moves Along

I read this book pretty much in one sitting since it was hard to put down. Mr. Brown us an excellent writer who pulls you into the plot and characters so that it’s easy to keep reading. I would highly recommend this novel or any of his other works.

Great Read By An Author with a great voice

I was in a bit of a reading slump but this book pulled me out of it and into the mind of Andrew, a man who has killed five times. The story plays from his pov and was a real page turner. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something different from an author you’ve likely not read yet, but should. Very fun read.

A real edge of your seat character driven horror book

Five Death by Author AJ Brown is a page-turner edge of your seat horror book. From the very beginning, the story is character-driven by the main protagonist of Andrew Colson who takes us along this terrifying story and does not disappoint from beginning to end. Within each chapter, we learn more about Andrew and the secrets that are all hiding around him. Author AJ Brown delivers this riveting horror book by letting the reader learn about Andrew and his many layers and the journey he dives into. If you are looking for a page-turner from beginning to end and an ending like no other I hope you will check out this one.

Intensely brutal with all the feels

Five Deaths is a story about just that, Five Deaths. The story is told by Andrew from his early childhood and first encounter with a ghost to his adult life and continued ghostly encounters. Andrew is a sensitive child that I would classify as empathic. Andrew takes on the responsibility of giving the ghosts he sees peace by killing those that murdered them. This is his story on how they were wronged and what he does to make it right.

AJ Brown went into exquisite detail on how the ghosts were murdered. I could see the gore and imagine their pain and suffering as they died. I had to stop and take a moment a few times because his descriptors had my imagination firing on all cylinders. It felt like I was in the story watching as these tragedies unfolded. I found myself rooting for Andrew to impart his vigilante justice.

Brown’s writing is brutal to its core but thrilling at the same time. He has a way of telling a story that escalates and makes the reader not want to stop turning those pages. Brown even delves into Andrew’s mind to explore some of the psychological ramifications for his deeds. I read this in essentially two days because I could not put it down. This is a great story that explores the darkness of a man that could be lurking in any one of us!

Great read!

Another character driven, emotionally charged tale from the imagination of Brown. Andrew had a difficult childhood because of his overbearing mother and his father leaving when he was young. Andrew has a gift or some would call it a curse, he sometimes sees dead people who have come to a horrible, untimely end. As an adult he has a business and has found love when life happens What he does with this gift/curse can be described as karma being paid to those who deserved it or murder, it’s up to you to decide which.

A.J. Brown’s Best Yet, And That’s a High Bar

I love this book. I’m avoiding spoilers so please trust me when I say that it is worth your time. I was drawn in immediately and instantly cared about the characters or became in some way otherwise invested in them. The writing is brilliant. I chose to title this review the way I did because A.J. Brown is a gifted writer, so to say this is his best yet is TRULY saying a lot.

Brutal, Impactful and compelling

Five Deaths by A.J. Brown is a haunting and impactful tale of psychological and supernatural horror. In spite of the supernatural elements, Brown’s skillful overlay of striking and tragic realism allows the story to quietly and brutally violate your mind and emotions.

This is an engrossing story containing both depth and brutality, realism and ghosts, devotion and vengeance. Brown’s characters are moving and engaging, especially his main character. The story is told in compelling first person, and you can hear his voice, feel his emotion, understand what drives him. Brown is known for this depth in his characters, but this particular story is intense even for him.

The delicate foreshadowing will give you chills. I even had moments of audible verbal exclamations of “No!” This is not to say the story is predictable. Brown manages to sidestep the expected time and again, delivering horrifying surprises that will make you put aside the popcorn.

Five Deaths is a highly recommended and shelf-worthy read.