Zombie Digital CoverCivilization as we know it is over. The dead have risen. The living are few and far between. Those still alive struggle to survive in the world of the undead. 

Come along as two teenagers venture to the edge of the wall of the City, wanting nothing more than to see what’s on the other side. A man revisits the scene of the most horrific event of his life. An addiction sends two young men into a zombie infested town. A clown and two circus friends find trouble they may not be able to get out of alive. And does French dressing make everything better?

A.J. Brown brings his ‘horror with heart’ style to the zombie genre, and the undead horde may never be the same.


Once again Brown has put together an amazing collection of shorts that will pull at your heart strings with compelling characters thrown into horrifying conditions. A must read for fans of the zombie/horror genres.


I love anthologies! Being busy, they give you a chance to actually finish a story in a short period of time. Zombie gives you 14 well written shorts with that A. J. Brown twist and emotional pull. I love that Hank and Humphrey, from Dredging Up Memories, make an appearance in Bonobo. I would have to say, French Dressing was my favorite. It’s great when a story can make you LOL. Thank you again, A. J., for another wonderful book.

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