Interrogations New Front Cover

Hank Walker woke up in a bed in survivor camp. He should have been dead, and a short time after that, he should have risen and joined the ranks of the shambling biters—those who had died and come back seeking the flesh of the living. Instead, he woke up alive and in a safe place.

Or is it truly safe?

Ruled by Harrison Avis, a militaristic leader, Hank realizes quickly Fort Survivor S.C. #3 might not be so safe after all, especially for those who do not find favor with Avis.

When a member of the camp is exiled to the outside world, Hank launches a plan to expose Avis as corrupt. It’s a plan with possible grave consequences for all involved. Though he knows the dangers of failing, Hank is willing to take the risk to protect what remains of his family, if not from Harrison Avis, then from himself.

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“Interrogations” picks up where author. AJ Brown, left off with his brilliant zombie-apocalypse novel “Dredging Up Memories”, and it is as seamless a transition as it is an enthralling one. Hank is wiser and weathered, for obvious reasons. He is one of the few survivors in a world overrun with the undead and power-hungry charlatans, namely Harrison Avis. Avis is a worthy adversary to Hank Walker and the two engage in a battle of wits that quickly escalates into a knock-down, drag-em’ out tug of war between good and evil. This time, flawed humans are Hank’s worst nightmare, and Avis’ aggression rivals that of the dead stalking the earth. A wild ride by a master storyteller! AJ Brown has created a protagonist in Hank Walker who could fast become a hero for all ages. In short, please write more Hank Walker, Mr. Brown! Please and thank you!


Yet another emotionally charged, character driven story from the mind of A J Brown. This author writes characters that you feel you know and you worry about them. Hank Walker wakes up in a survivor camp that is not what it seems. The leader should not be in charge and Hank makes it his mission to let the other survivors realize this. Hank is going through changes and he knows he must leave. I won’t say more except you must read Brown’s books if you love amazing stories with down to earth characters.

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