Write 1 Sub 1, Bradbury and Other Thoughts

I will try to be brief today–I know longer blogs can be a pain to read, but I’m a talker, so… no promises.

Two things, maybe three:

Write 1 Sub 1. I just recently found this website/blog. I wish I had found it sooner, like maybe last December. Since I clearly can’t start this in January, I’ve decided to attempt this beginning in July. Once a week starting on the 1st of such a glorious month, I’m going to write one story and submit one story. More than likely not the same story. Once a week I will update the blog with how things are going.

On the Write 1 Sub 1 site is also a video clip of Ray Bradbury titled Ray Bradbury on Persperistence. I watched the video and, honestly, it’s not much different from what I did in 2009 when I subbed out 155 stories. Interestingly enough, that was the year I had the most acceptances and rejections (49 accepted, 91 rejected). If you do the math, that’s a fairly good acceptance rate (31.6%). If you take out the places I never heard back from or that folded, the acceptances rate jumps up to 35%. Not too shabby.

As I listened to what Bradbury said, I realized something that is so horribly wrong: I’ve never actually read anything Bradbury has written. I hang my head in shame. This I plan to rectify as quickly as possible.


I have a story I want to write. (Duh, right?) However, with this story I feel like I’m on the cusp of something… a break through, maybe. I see the images, here the sounds, feel the horror, but this is different… For the first time in my writing life I feel the trauma of the words and that trauma I want the reader to experience. I want them to feel the pain of the main character like nothing that I’ve ever written before. No details will be given–I’m still working on figuring out all the finer points.


Though I haven’t submitted to Machine of Death 2, they wrote a tremendous article on writing and how to get editors to love your work:

6 Ways to Keep Your Armor Intact

This isn’t just for their anthology–you can apply this to any story you write. I’ve printed it out and it’s gone into my Great Big Book of Wisdom and Things I Never Knew. I owe a big shout out to Michael Louis Dixon for passing this along.


Did I say I would keep this short and that I only had two or three things to say? I lied.

I’m thinking of starting a Facebook Fan Page. I’m not sure if it’s going to be worth all the effort, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?


A couple of stories have recently come out in various publications. I call my stories The Prostistories. That would make me their Pimp Daddy. The prostistories out there doing their jobs are as follows:

Flowers In Her Hair at Liquid Imagination Online.

The artwork was done by Jack S. Rogers and if you want to sit back and close your eyes and listen to an audio version of it, Bob Eccles takes you on the short journey into one of my worlds. While you’re there, browse some of the other really good stories selected for issue nine.

Summer Jumpers at The Gloaming.

There is a history behind this story. I wrote this back in 2008 after listening to a song by a local group called American Gun. The song was titled, Man Verses Machine and the lyrics, sung by Todd Mathis, struck me as extremely powerful:

Concrete and steel,
Bricks and flags
Everything gone
Will be replaced . . .
Down below us children play.
Old men go about their day.

That may not have an impact on you, but it conjured up images of the events that occur in Summer Jumpers.

There’s a little more to this story. Rewrite after rewrite and sending it out over a dozen times, having it short listed several times and accepted twice only to have the publications fold before the story came out, it was nice to finally find a home for it. The folks over at The Gloaming, Ludmila Rishkova and Angela Roberts are super nice and awesome to work with. I will definitely submit to these folks again.

My 5X5 story, Prank is at Angel Zapata’s 5X5.

Click on the Issue Two link and go check out all of the five word, five sentence stories.

I’ll pimp out one more set of stories: Dredging Up Memories, Parts I-IV at Tales of the Zombie War.

These are the first four installments to what I hope is a long running series. Parts five and six are completed. I’ve written this series at a slow pace on purpose and I find that the horror isn’t in the mass amount of zombies and their hunger, but in the tremendous despair of Walker, the main character, as he deals with the world as it is, memories that haunt him and the truth about the living dead. For those who have read these four already, in part five the action picks up nicely and in part six… well… you’ll just have to wait and see. (Don’t you just hate being teased?)

Okay, I guess I should wrap it up. Look, under a thousand words. That’s pretty good for me. Thanks for reading. I’m AJ and I’m out.