That Girl Tyson… A Vlog… And Keeping My Toes

Whether you like Vlogs (video blogs) or not, you have to hand it to folks who create these things and post them up at places like Youtube. With the way social media is and how quickly folks are to condemn or bash folks, it takes some guts to do one Vlog, much less do it for an entire year.

A few months ago, someone posted a link to a Vlog titled, That Girl Tyson. The Vlog itself was called Camp ZA. For those who don’t know, that is Camp Zombie Apocalypse. In this day and age when zombies are running rampant–at least in books, television and the minds of twisted people everywhere (myself included), this intrigued me. I clicked the link and what I got was an entertaining, almost five minutes worth of an individual talking about the zombie apocalypse and her role in surviving.

I’m not all that certain if the person’s name is Tee or Tyson or whatever, but does that really matter? I looked up a couple more of her Vlogs and found I liked them, especially her take on that horrid show, Toddlers and Tiaras.

After looking up a couple more of these vlogs, I found out she has a website as well and I went to it and, guess what? She has a Facebook page. What’s a person to do? I sent a friend request and lo and behold she accepted it.

No, I’m not stalking…

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Self, what does this have to do with writing?”

Well, I have an answer for you.

Turns out, Tee L. Tyson is also a writer. I’m a writer. She’s a writer. Wouldn’t you like to be a writer, too? (Does anyone know where that little jingle came from?)

So, we have chatted, writer to writer, and I have found out that this writer is pretty cool and what do I do when I find out writers are cool? I promote them. Now, since Tee or L or Tyson or all of the above doesn’t have much out in the way of her fiction/non-fiction or what have you, I figured I would post her Vlogs.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Before anyone fusses and says I am posting without permission, this is not true. I asked for her approval in posting her Vlogs on my blog and she said, and I quote:

“Please do.”

Okay, so there was a little more to it, than that, but really no one needs the gory details, do they?


I think there was some discussion about toes being chopped off and held for ransom, but I can’t remember exactly what was said.

Some may like this. Some may not. But, I do, so I now present to you the first VLOG that I watched from That Girl Tyson.

And, there will be more to come as the days pass.

If you enjoyed this VLOG, check out more episodes at her Youtube page:

That Girl Tyson

Also, drop her a line, let her know you liked the Vlog. She’ll appreciate it. And I’ll get to keep my toes…