Questions, Questions, Questions. I Need Questions.

A couple of years ago Cate and I did a series of question and answers on Youtube. We made a dozen or so videos answering questions submitted by readers. Most of these videos were short. All of them were completely unscripted. We want to do this again, but with a little twist. 

Twist, you say? 

Why yes, and I’m not talking about the dance made popular in the 1960’s.

To kick off these videos, we are giving away a new T-shirt with my saying on it: Everything is life. Everything is a story. We were going to have these for events this year, but 2020 has kind of gone sideways on everyone. 

This guy wants to answer your questions and give you something for free.

Here’s how you, the readers out there who subscribe to Type AJ Negative, can be entered in the drawing: ask questions. We need questions to answer in our videos. We need at least ten participants, but more would be great. Be creative with the questions. They can be about anything book or writing related, and please, no boxers or briefs questions. 

Each person who submits a question will be entered into a drawing for the T-shirt. The winner will be selected on June 1st, so get your questions in as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I can only ship these shirts within the United States. However, we have decided to offer a free digital copy of My Summer Vacation by Jimmy Lambert, slated to be released on June 1st, as part of the drawing for International participants.

Don’t you want an awesome shirt like this?

Time for the pitch:

Ever want to ask an author a question? Now is your chance! We are taking writing and book related questions that I will answer for you in a short video. Your questions are a great way to help promote my work, so in return, you will be entered into a random drawing for a free shirt (in the U.S. only) or a free digital copy of My Summer Vacation by Jimmy Lambert (International participants only). We need 10 participants to post questions to get the drawing started. We would like all questions submitted by May 31st. Our drawing will take place on June 1st and I will answer your questions through out the month of June. Get creative! We are looking for unique, interesting questions. 

This is a fun way to interact with readers and practice speaking on video during this time when book events are still canceled. I love talking with readers and especially with fans of my work, so give me something to talk about. Please join the fun and invite your friends.

Are you interested? I hope so. Please, share this post and comment with your questions. I look forward to seeing what y’all come up with.

As always, thank you, and until we meet again my friends, be kind to one another.



My Lazy Morning Brain

I’m drawing a blank today.

Literally, there is very little in my head. Yeah, okay. Hahahaha and all that. I heard that little comment: There’s never been too much in your head.

Yuk yuk yuk.

Seriously, today I slept in—much needed rest was had. Normally I’m up early, even on the weekends and before the sun comes up at that. This gives me plenty of time to think and write and promote, but getting up a solid two and a half hours later than usual seems to have zapped what few thoughts I have each morning.

Maybe my brain is still asleep. Maybe we should check, eh?

Hold on a sec.

Knock knock knock

Hey, anyone awake in there?


Hmmm… is there anyone in there at all?

More crickets.


So, you see, I have nothing today. It appears my brain has left the building.

Could be that I’m a redneck and I’m about to do something really stupid. If so, you will know when you hear me say, ‘Hey y’all, watch this.’

Could be my brain is just tired from all the thinking I have forced on it with promoting my e-book, Along the Splintered Path, promoting others and the writing of my latest W.I.P., Her Cure.

Could be my brain is just lazy…

Hahahaha… Very funny.

Could be my heart needs to grow three sizes today…

So, I’ve sat here for a while, arms folded on my desk, the keyboard mocking me, the little blinking cursor laughing at me. There it goes again. Laughing… laughing… laughing…

I have plenty I can do. I can put together another promotion blog for a friend or two. I could write on Her Cure or even work on Dredging Up Memories. I think I’m at a turning point for Walker and things could become quite explosive in the series. I could work on an interview. Oh, no I can’t. I don’t have anymore on the plate right now and am waiting on the replies from a couple of others that I can do nothing with until I get them.

So, what to do? I think I will update the blog. I have been working on this for a while now, trying to get things up to date and trying to make sure all the links work. I’ve added some folks in the T-Cell Transfer and there are a few new interviews in the Donor Center. Check out the publications while you are here. I’ve added links to the ones where there are still links for. Some of them lead straight to the stories. Others of them lead to pages where you can purchase the book where some of my works reside.

Oh, I republished the three stories I put out early last year on Smashwords. If you want to check them out, follow the links below:

Dirty Old Town

The Woman Who Loved the Red Stucco House

Lost Art

I’ve thought about rewriting several stories that appeared in a contest and posting them up as an e-book collection on Smashwords, but I don’t know yet. Since they are all published stories and the zine is no longer around, I see no harm in doing so. Since they’ll be rewritten anyway, they might end up significantly longer than the original works.

I could submit a few pieces out to other publications. Both of those things will require me to engage my brain, but as we have all taken note of earlier, it seems it has disappeared from my skull.

See, I have nothing today.

Oh well…

Before I leave and continue to do nothing (since my brain clearly seems to be either asleep or rebelling) I want to thank each of you out there who has either read one (or several) of my stories and who have picked up a copy of Along the Splintered Path. I appreciate it. I really do. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, without the readers, the writers are nothing. So, thank you for reading my work.

Well, I guess that last bit makes this blog more about thanking the readers than about nothing after all.

If you have anything you would like for me to cover in the future or if there is something you would like for me to add to Type AJ Negative, please leave a comment and I’ll consider it. Or drop me a line at Facebook

Or you can find me on Twitter (am I the only one that thinks the saying ‘Tweet me’ has some vulgar connotations to it?) at: @AJBrown36

Now, I’m off to work on the blog some more. Come visit and browse about. Leave comments on the things you see. Share with the masses, follow if you will. I promise I will not hack anyone to death…

Until we meet again, my friends…

Matthew Tait’s Slander Hall and Other Notes

Fifteen years ago the affluent gated-community of Slander Hall was the setting of the largest mass suicide in U.S history, dozens of men and women committing the ultimate sacrifice and embracing the covenant of their leader to shed their bodies for a life in outer space. Now a modern ghost town, it boasts only the decaying and derelict phantoms of a withered populace. Cedar Jarrell, sole survivor of the holocaust that claimed so many, returns to the dark heart of Slander Hall on a final pilgrimage where not all who take the journey will survive…

What people are saying about Slander Hall

Dropping directly into the meat of the novella, Matthew Tait wastes no time bringing his readers completely up to speed within a few paragraphs… ‘Slander Hall’ has a cinematic feel to it; eagerly grasping the reader by the hand, it’s like watching an intense movie unfold.

Crafted like a cross between a classic ghost story and twist on Silent Hill, this haunting and well-written tale takes you to the edges of the madness in your own mind… Well-written and pacy, the story will haunt you for many days (or even weeks) after you read it.

… a great turn of phrase, a literary frolic and a grotesque elegance. Yes, despite the more artistic delivery in places, many splatter writers should sit up and take notice…

… stirs in some thoughtful social commentary on the subjects of suicide and doomsday cults, and serves up a tasty and satisfying dish….

About Matthew Tait

Matthew Tait was born in Australia in 1977. Like many writers he has held far too many jobs, including co-managing a video store. And although it seems a prerequisite for any writer, he’s played rhythm guitar in a few bands as well.

From 2005 until its closure in 2011, Matthew was an assistant editor for the award-winning Australian news and literary criticism zine, HORRORSCOPE. He currently writes for HELLNOTES.

The first story in his collection Ghosts In a Desert World was awarded a recommendation from the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Among his influences are Clive Barker, and the late, great Richard Laymon.

Tait’s new novel, Slander Hall, was published in January of 2012 by Dark Continents Publishing.

Excerpt From Slander Hall

Cedar felt cold. He had not expected developments this early in the game.

Sephera asked: ‘Are you people seeing this?’

Now fully within the glare of his torch, a humanoid figure walked implacably toward them. Then it stopped. It scrutinized the group through eyes that didn’t appear to be human, twin ovals that were slanted and black. It stood on skinny posterior legs that arched slightly, enough to give it a semblance of humanity. A bulbous head stood atop a naked torso and midriff with flesh the color of yellow cheese.

Time canted for the briefest of moments, as if the five of them were mere models encased in a paperweight scene and being shaken. The space between this creature and his little group could be no more than fifty meters, yet Cedar could feel from that meager distance a bubble of air as thick and palpable as fluid. Whatever this thing was, it had presence… a malignancy that started in its eyes and radiated through the tainted air.

He tried to speak, but found no speech forthcoming.

‘We should back away,’ Sephera whispered, saving him the trouble. ‘Something’s not right. Everybody move toward the right. That small lane that angles between the fence.’

Gordana let out a little whimper. ‘Something’s definitely not right. That thing isn’t even human.’

‘What is it?’ Philip said.

As if the creature had heard the question and felt the need to respond, it suddenly sprang into a lurching gait, fixing them with its huge eyes. Closing the already short distance, Cedar could see they were haunted – almost predatory. When it moved, its body made a writhing motion utterly out of proportion to its anatomy, and it was this more than anything that finally got them moving. With Cedar taking the lead, they began to back away by slow degrees toward the skinny lane. Philip was no longer transfixed; turning his back on the creature, he broke into a full-tilt run.

Want more?

Sure you do. You can pick up Slander Hall at Amazon: HERE

If you’d like to follow Matthew Tait, I’ve done the stalking for you:

Twitter: @MatthewStait
Blog: Different Masks
Facebook: Matthew Tate

Other Works

Ghosts In a Desert World