Suzanne Robb’s Were-wolves, Apocalypses and Genetic Mutations, Oh My! and Other Notes

In Suzanne Robb’s three story collection, Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My! you get three tales with elements of sci-fi, horror, comedy, and one giant cannibalistic squirrel, among other creatures…

What People Are Saying about Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!

Suzanne has a knack for realistic dialogue that allows you to get comfortable inside her characters’ skins… All three tales were fun and shocking in places…

If the words clever, diverse, well-written and funny appeal to you in a story, buy this book… I laughed out loud often, and escaped quite happily into the imagination of this wonderful writer. Money is well-spent on this collection!

The three pieces each have Robb’s easy-going writing style which is great to lose yourself in straight off the bat, yet the stories have very differing directions…

Welcome To The Future was definitely a five star story, and one that every sci-fi fan should read. I would love to see a movie made based on this tale…

If you don’t already have “Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!” on your Kindle, then you need to go buy it. Now. Right this second. It’s a ridiculously quick and witty read that will have you thinking about it well after you’ve finished… Once again Robb shines with her ability to portray humanity accurately… creates realistic characters who act just like real people. They make mistakes, they have epiphanies, and they feel a wide range of emotions. It is a true testament to her abilities as an author that Robb can do all of this in so few pages.

Suzanne’s characters are quirky and fun… I laughed out loud at points in all of the stories…

Suzanne Robb seems to have a clear goal in mind with Werewolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutations, Oh My!, taking things we’re all used to and mixing them up in ways no one yet has, adding new life to them… had not heard of Robb before this collection but upon reading it, I can’t wait to read what else this very talented author has done…

You can tell that Robb had a lot of fun writing these stories, and that sense of fun is infectious. Imaginative and fast-paced (giant carnivorous squirrels, anyone?), this is a collection for readers who like a generous helping of humor with their horror.

About Suzanne Robb

Suzanne Robb is the author of Z-Boat, released by Twisted Library Press, and Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My! published by Dark Continents.. She has over 4 dozen stories in current and upcoming anthologies with various publishers. She is also a contributing editor at Hidden Thoughts Press. In March Wicked East Press will be releasing Read the End First, an apocalyptic anthology she edited with Adrian Chamberlin. In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and LEGO’s.

Excerpt from Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!

For the rest of the month, Jimmy showered Mary with gifts. All the while, he noticed his chest and arm hair growing uncontrollably. He’d had more wax jobs than a sixty-five corvette, and it didn’t help one bit. More and more dogs followed him, and at one point, several humped his leg.

One night out of the blue, he got an urge to run. He needed to be free. Jimmy lied to Mary, telling her he was heading into work to cover a shift for a friend. He raced to the park. Seconds after sunset, a pain like no other spread throughout his body.

He used what little bit of energy he had to fling himself behind a bush as he felt bones snap and heard skin tear. Across from him, he saw a wolf, a bit of its ear gone. The animal howled in pain as its fur separated and revealed a human rib cage forming.

Jimmy felt his mouth elongate and cried out when fangs grew through the roof of his mouth. The wolf howled when its hind legs elongated to five times their normal length and all its fur fell off in a bloody mess.

When his tail grew in, Jimmy tried to ignore the discomfort. He stared at the man across from him, with a chunk missing from his ear. He knew it was the wolf that bit him, but it didn’t make sense.

The man hobbled around the ground like a baby, seeming unsure how to walk upright. The noises it made were pathetic, but when Jimmy opened his mouth to try and calm it down, a deep growl emanated from somewhere deep within him.

The man wolf stopped moving and sneered. The pathetic whimper which came out did nothing to scare Jimmy. The two circled one another. Jimmy focused his thoughts. There was a squirrel a few feet away, a rabbit about twenty feet to his left, and a dead bird lay somewhere nearby causing him to crinkle his nose at the nasty smell.

A strange mumbling to his right caused him to back up into the bushes. The wolf-man stayed beside him.

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