Muscle Memory By Steve Lowe–A Book Worth Reading

Psst… Hey, you… Yeah, you. YES, YOU! Do you like to read? What? You don’t? Really? Wow…

Let me start this over.

Good day, fine readers. If you like to read, and I know you do, otherwise, why would we call you readers? Ba dum bum… I’ll be here all week. Try the otter. I have a fine book I’d like you to consider reading. No, I didn’t write it, but, hey you can pretend I did if you want.

At any rate, silliness aside, there is a book I would like you to consider taking a look at. It is by a somewhat talented leprechaun who likes Irish football and Chicago Cubs. Yeah, I know… His name is Steve Lowe. The book is titled Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is a tale in the same vein as Freaky Friday, but sadly without the once very hot Lindsay Lohan. This novella follows a red neck (hey I know a lot about that group of people), Billy Gillespie, who wakes up one day and he is no longer himself. In fact, he is his wife. And, it turns out he’s dead. Other characters surface who have similar issues, including a guy in a sheep’s body… Umm… yeah, questions abound about that guy. What makes this story so much more interesting than all of those other body swap tales is that it’s actually funny, it has a solid plot and it doesn’t leave you scratching your head and asking what the F&*k. Well it may leave you saying what just happened, which is a good thing. Muscle Memory will linger in your mind for a while after you’ve read it. Lowe did a wonderful job of crafting a story that could have just been stupid guy humor and truly turning it into a wonderful read. You won’t regret sitting down with this novella.

You can purchase Muscle Memory at Amazon by going here:

Print Versiong: Muscle Memory in Print

E-book version: Muscle Memory In Ebook

Also, check out Steve’s blog at Assorted Shitzengiggles (You have to love a name like that) here: Assorted Shitzengiggles

And, since Lowe is a Leprechaun, if you catch him he may give you the pot at the end of the rainbow. I don’t know what would be in the pot, but it’s a start right?