I’ve often thought life is about momentum.  Think about it. If you roll a ball down a hill,  it gains speed, it picks up momentum. If it picks up enough speed,  enough momentum,  then when it reaches the bottom of the hill and starts up the next hill,  it can make it to the top of that hill. 

The problem is so often we build momentum in the wrong direction.  Something doesn’t work out for some reason and we’re ready to give up. Life throws us a curve ball and we swing and miss. Enough of those swings and misses and we start getting down on ourselves.  We start questioning our self worth, we start questioning our dreams … we start giving up,  not just on our dreams but on ourselves. There’s no worse feeling than giving up on yourself. 

You might be at the bottom of a hill right now and looking up at an impossible mountain to climb.  You might feel defeated right now.  Your self worth might have taken such a beating from life, from people,  from yourself that you have either given up on YOU or are close to it. 

I’ve often talked about small goals,  attainable goals and how reaching a big goal is like taking baby steps.  You have to roll over to get on all fours. Then you have to put one hand in front of you,  move one leg forward.  Eventually, you’ll be crawling,  building momentum so you can, eventually,  walk,  then run. You have to take that first step before you can do anything. 

Whatever is hindering you right now has momentum in your life.  You have to reverse that negative momentum and create positive momentum for yourself. But this didn’t work out before.  But I  can’t afford to.  But I  don’t know how.  But I can’t … 

Stop making excuses for why you can’t do something . When you make excuses you don’t even give yourself a chance to gain momentum and put yourself in a better position. 

But what will people think? Who cares? In order to gain momentum,  you have to prioritize YOU. Anyone who tells you not to chase your goals and dreams or belittles you for trying doesn’t have your best interests in mind,  and probably shouldn’t be part of your life. 

You’ve all heard me say this before but you have one shot at this life. Don’t regret not trying. Get off your back,  roll over,  start creating momentum,  one small goal at a time. Climb that hill. 

Until we meet again my friends, be kind to one another.


Ever Changing Momentum

Life is ever changing.

That is a fact. That is not opinion. It may appear like just an opinion, but if you think about it, it’s not.

You’re born. But before that, you were lust in your parents’ hearts (best case scenario here). You were, pardon the term and the Ozzie Osbourne reference, a shot in the dark. From there, you developed into a living thing in your momma’s stomach. Eventually, you passed through to the world and you are no longer a baby to be, but a full-fledged baby.

Then you grow. Whether you grow up, grow out, grow smart (or dumb) you grow. And grow and grow. If you’re lucky, you never stop growing in one way or another—hopefully, it’s the intelligence and character that grows. So, you see, life is ever changing. Fact.

With ever changing life, there is ever changing momentum. Life, not just sports, is about momentum. Stick with me here for a minute.

In sports, when a team seizes momentum their chances of winning a game improves. A team that can hold momentum for long periods of time through the season, and especially during the playoffs, can end up winning the championship.

Life is similar.

In life, you have to find your niche. Sometimes, you find it by accident, but most of the time, you find something you like, or something that appeals to you and you work at it. If it’s a job, then you get better and better at the job and that could lead to a raise or a promotion or both.

Romance is the same way. You meet someone you like, you go out and then you start working at the relationship. If you don’t work at it, chances are, it won’t last. My parents have been married 47 years, and trust me, they have worked at it. My dad told my mom, ‘when we get married, there will be no divorce.’ Do you really think that if my parents didn’t work at their marriage, that it wouldn’t have ended in divorce?

In reality, life is a LOT like sports. You have an opponent in both. In sports, it’s the other team. In life, it’s whatever struggle you are facing. In sports, you have to figure out your opponent’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage to win the game. In life, you have to figure out YOUR weaknesses, so you can overcome whatever difficulties you face. In sports, if you overcome your opponent, you get to celebrate. If you don’t, well, you go back to the locker room and try to figure out what you did wrong. Yup, life is similar. If you overcome your trials, then you can celebrate and relax a little; you can enjoy the time after the overcoming. If you don’t overcome the issues at hand, then you take a few steps back, and then have to figure out another plan in how to handle the problem. But when you figure out what you’re doing right, well, things can take off. That is the importance of momentum.

And momentum is ever changing.

Fact. According to me and life in general.

Writing is the same way.

Writers get momentum when a story goes the way it supposed to. The characters behave and do what the writer says to do. The descriptions and emotions are easy to develop. The plot plays out the way you want it to. Then you polish up a few pieces and send them to publications, and lo and behold, they get published. You go from there to bigger things, like collections or novels, and guess what? They get published. Momentum can do that for you. The right type of momentum builds confidence.

The wrong type of momentum, well, all it does is knock you down and destroy your confidence. All it takes is a string of unfinished stories where the characters don’t play nicely together and the scenes just don’t come together and the emotions and dialogue feel forced. A couple of rejections slows the good momentum, and then lowers the confidence. When the confidence starts to falter, so does the belief that you can write anything worth reading. Momentum is everything.

Life is about momentum, and every decision you make can change that momentum. Writing is about momentum. And every time you send something out to a publisher or even if you publish it yourself, you are taking a chance at gaining good momentum or facing the opposite direction.

What have you got to lose? I mean, honestly, what have you got to lose?

Momentum. Seize it when it comes your way. Look for it when it is hiding from you. But above all, don’t give up—Momentum is right around the corner and when it shows its head, everything changes.

Until we meet again, my friends…