In the Interest of Writing…

In the interest of writing:

Flash Fiction Chronicles, a website dedicated to flash fiction (obvious, right?) puts out a daily dose of advice on writing and publishing. It is owned by Every Day Publishing who also owns Every Day Fiction and Every Day Poets. You can subscribe to all three of the publications through your e-mail and get those daily updates with articles, stories or poetry (all three if you subscribe to all three).

I’ve found many of the articles at Flash Fiction Chronicles to be informative and entertaining. Does that sound like a cheesy infomercial to you? Just picture me holding a Shamway in a Snuggie while saying that…

There are several regular contributors to FFC and often times they are witty in their articles–I would be lying if I said I haven’t chuckled a time or a hundred while reading. My favorite of these contributors is Aubrey Hirsch. I like the way she writes and her Dating Advice for Writers is a terrific piece relating writing/submitting into dating terms, which I am sure all of us can relate to in one way, shape or form.

Oh and there’s one other tidbit that I would like to share about Flash Fiction Chronicles: they are always on the lookout for articles related to the writing business, whether it’s on the craft of writing or publishing or marketing. If you would like to write an article for FFC, check out their guidelines HERE


My friend, Deborah Walker, has a postcard sized story titled Grandma’s Cottage up at Postcard Shorts. Give it a read if you will and explore the site for other stories under 250 words in length.


Also, check out Belinda Frisch’s blog page, Belinda Frisch, Writer with a Dark Side. It’s informative, with great links to other blogs, and entertaining–a great combination. While you are at it, check out her novel, Dead Spell. It’s there on your left with links to the various places you can purchase it. You’ll like Belinda and you’ll enjoy her writing. Go ahead, check her out–I mean, the book. Come on, men, get your heads out of the gutters.


Beneath the Surface of Things by Kevin Wallis is one of the best single author collections you will find this year. Twenty-five stories that tingle the spine. I’ve yet to read a negative review on this collection. Kevin is a tremendous author who continually crafts terrific story after terrific story. There is something for almost everyone in this collection. Pick one up today–you won’t be sorry.


Normally I like to say something witty or leave you with a lasting impression. Today, I have nothing witty to say. Sad, I know. So, I’ll leave you with this: It’s time to get my sanity on…