March Mad… Whoaa… Gotta Hurry

March Madness is upon us and yes I’ve been watching a lot of basketball… However, I have no bracket busters for you and I don’t play the office pool.

If you have a minute between games and you want something to read, take a gander at a couple of recent publications:

First is a little tale called At the Grave. When I say little, I mean little. Twenty-five words little. It’s currently residing at Angel Zapata’s 5X5 Fiction. You can find it here:

At the Grave at 5X5 Fiction

The other story you can find at The Absent Willow Review. It is titled Mickie’s Stars and I really like this story. Yeah, I know I wrote it, I should like it. But it’s not like that. I really like this story. Stressing the really here. You can read it here:

Mickie’s Stars at The Absent Willow Review

I love the image of the girl that accompanies the story.

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. Yeah, a lot shorter than most of my posts… hey, the game’s back on. Gotta go…