Publications… October 2010

October is my favorite month, but more on that later.  For now, I thought I would just post my recent publications.

Clearly the one I am proudest of is the editor’s choice story for Necrotic Tissue Issue #12, Picket Fences.  It can be purchased here:

The House of Horrors held a contest over a three or so month period titled The Duel.  Though I didn’t win, I did come in second place… albeit under a pseudonym, Dwight Patterson.

Those five stories are:

Peppermint and Smoke

To Bleed…

Lost and Found

Under the Sycamore Tree

The Truth In the Midst of the Battle

The entire contest has been made into an anthology. 

Also from House of Horrors is an anthology titled Pint of Bloody Fiction, a collection of short short stories.  My extremely short piece, Bellie’s Bucket appears within.

The Duel and A Pint of Bloody Fiction can be purchased here:

Afflicted, a story about a man who was all but crippled in a car accident, appears in the anthology Under A Harvest Moon, put out by Pagan Imagination.  The blurb on the back cover says it all:

“Open the pages, step inside, be sure you are safe, and not truly flesh bait. Rest assured you’ll be entertained, by hunger’s thirst, and demons play. Some are afflicted, with ruthless abandon, though presently, we search for gemstone magicks. Keep your eyes wide and free, glance not peripherally for we’ll keep you spellbound, under the influences of erotics found . We’ll be ever-grateful, for those who’ve survived, and read till the end of our harvest, this time.”

It can be found here:

Twisted Dreams Magazine picked up my short story, Borrowed Money on the Grave of a Loved One.

I’ll update this with a link to that one as soon as I can get it.

And finally, but certainly not least, 52 Stitches just published my flash piece, Imprisoned, my take on Vlad the Impaler’s time in one of his own dungeons. 

It can be found here:

Enjoy the reads…