S.D. Hintz Shares Some Multifaceted Blood

Do you want to read a novel?  He has one published.  How about a novella?  Yup, that too.  Short stories?  It seems he has some of those out there as well.  Along with a poem.  He also writes screen plays and makes video trailers for publications… What is it that S.D. Hintz doesn’t do?  Your guess is as good as mine, but if you want to find out what he does do, read on…

AJ:  Who is S.D. Hintz?

SDH:  S.D. is an author and CEO of KHP Publishers. He’s been known to refer to himself in the third person, while still avoiding the sanitarium, and quite possibly does so to hear his own voice. I hear he loves to produce video trailers and sell books of all genres at The Merchant’s Keep as well! People say he whores himself too much, but I strongly disagree.

AJ:  One can never whore themselves too much… well, unless the whoring costs money, involves back alleys and could possibly get you arrested, but I’m sure that’s not what you’re talking about.

From whoring to publishing, what is KHP Publishers?

SDH:  KHP Publishers consists of the imprints Skullvines Press, Black Death Books, and Tokusatsu Press. We recently completed a business merger after each of us identified skills and attributes that would be beneficial. And since all presses were self-sufficient financially, it was an opportunity to expand as well. So in terms of skills, we all bring editing to the table, but we all have certain specialties. For instance, I produce the book trailers, Jerrod Balzer is our webmaster guru, and Karen Koehler is a great cover artist. Most importantly, though, the three of us get along interpersonally very well.

AJ:  So, does this mean KHP Publishers will be accepting submissions for books, novellas and the like?

SDH:  As of right now, we’re currently “invitation only” until we can at least get caught up on the print titles we have yet to release, which is a good 15 or so, and along with that comes the digital version. But in the future, all 3 imprints will be focused on novel-length print titles and pretty much any length for the Merchant’s Keep Exclusive ebooks.

AJ:  That’s good information to have.  Let’s switch gears here and talk a little bit about S.D. Hintz.  You mentioned earlier that you are an author.  What does S.D. Hintz, the author, write? 

SDH:  Most everything I’ve written thus far has revolved around horror in some sense. My recent novel Blood Orchard was just released in August by Black Bed Sheet Books. Also had a paranormal/pirate novella out last year through Lyrical Press called Charnel Harbor. And between those two works, I had a fun story in TABLOID TERRORS 3 about aliens and crotch circles, my short story Haven appeared in THE 4TH BOOK OF TERROR TALES by Rainfall Books, and my poem Aspects of a Rose is in the collection DEATH IN COMMON from Needfire Press.

Also my poem Bird’s Eye View will be published in A SEA OF ALONE: POEMS FOR ALFRED HITCHCOCK by Dark Scribe Press later this year.

AJ:  Aliens and crotch circles?  Sounds like a weird porno flick, but we’ll hold judgment of that until we read the story. 

Let’s talk about your recent novel, Blood Orchard.  Tell us a little about it.

SDH:  Blood Orchard is a mystery/horror tale in which a set of triplet babies have been kidnapped from the small town of Onward. Fifteen years prior a similar incident occurred when the sheriff’s triplet teenage daughters vanished, though since they were the local bullies everyone figured they skipped town on their own volition. A new resident Coren Raines is in town literally two days when the sheriff makes it his goal to frame him for the kidnappings. And when Chicago Homicide arrives, Onward becomes a ticking time bomb of tension, vengeance, and bloodletting.

AJ:  Great concept–sounds very interesting.  What about Charnel Harbor?

SDH:  Charnel Harbor is a novella about a boy named Jack that lives in a harbor town riddled with urban legends, such as the haunted house across the street and the dead sailors that stalk the woods. Jack has a passion for collecting antiques. One day the ferry delivers a load of burnt, iron antiques that look as though they’re from the bowels of Hell. One particular item, a magical bellows that has the ability to liven inanimate objects, falls into the wrong hands. Before Jack knows it, antiques are wreaking havoc on the town and demonic ghost pirates are washing ashore.

AJ:  That’s one of the most original ideas I have heard in a while.  What was the influence behind Charnel Harbor?

SDH:  Well, once a year I travel up to Duluth, Minnesota, which is a huge harbor city, for those that are unaware, the largest tourist spot in the state. I believe it was the port of the U.S. at one point in the past. And I always wanted to write a story set on a harbor. The incorporation of the antiques comes from my loathing of crafts and knickknacks. They drive me crazy and I saw this as a great opportunity to throw them up in flames.

AJ:  Ah, I do something similar to things I loathe but they are usually people…  Any other novels or novellas in the works?

SDH:  I’m currently about three-fourths of the way through the screenplay for Blood Orchard. I’m actually working with a local film crew, Not For The Squeamish Productions, on a book trailer for Blood Orchard as well, with blood, props, actors, and the whole shebang. Also have a YA steam punk novel waiting to be finished up.

AJ:  A screenplay?  Is there anything S.D. Hintz doesn’t do?  Is there a website that folks can check out if they want to find out more about what you are doing and your next releases when they become available?

SDH:  Absolutely. I just launched my new website: http://sdhintz.com/
And of course, I’m extremely active on Facebook and The Merchant’s Keep forum as well.

AJ:  One more question and then I’ll tell Herbie to pull the needle out.  Is there anything else you’d like the folks to know about S.D. Hintz?

SDH:  More often than not I’m promoting my publishing house more than myself… so keep an eye on Skullvines, Black Death, and Tokusatsu, because we have some exciting titles in store at The Merchant’s Keep!

AJ:  I love to promote people so we’ll be on the lookout for new books from you and Skullvines.  S.D., thank you for your time and if you need a shout out, just let Herbie know and we’ll do what we can.  For now, keep a bandage on that needle prick–Herbie likes to drive them in deep…

SDH:  Thanks for taking the time to interview me.  I appreciate it.

AJ:  Any time, S.D.

(Herbie’s Note:  No pirates or aliens were harmed during this interview, however several of AJ’s knickknacks were smashed in a fit of rage that neither S.D. nor Herbie takes responsibility for…)


2 thoughts on “S.D. Hintz Shares Some Multifaceted Blood

  1. The publishing company sounds interesting – merging three existing companies into one synergistic one. Great concept.

    Magical bellows. Who would have thought 🙂

    Great interview, as always!

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