How Do You Work On Multiple Projects?

Welcome back to another segment of Question and Answer with an author. Today, I get to answer a question by Christopher Bonner. A quick back story here: In 2019, I was asked to sit in on a virtual writing class. Being that writing is one of my top one subjects in the world (yes, I did write it that way on purpose), I said sure. I attended several of those classes, and at some point, I began discussing writing with the students. Christopher and I hit it off fairly well, and we’ve had some great discussions about writing since. I’ve been fortunate enough to read several pieces of his work. He’s got chops and a solid grasp of writing and telling stories. I’m really excited to see what the future has in store for him. Keep your eyes out. He is one to watch.

Christopher asked a great question:

“You shared with me how many things you’re working on simultaneously. How do you keep everything flowing and cohesive within the individual stories with that many projects going? Do you have a system to help or is everything just swimming around in your mind?”

Here is my answer:

Are those fishies swimming around up there?

I don’t feel like I answered the question completely, so I will put the rest of my answer in the comments below. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and if you have a question you would like to ask, drop it in the comments and we’ll get them answered. 

Until we meet again my friends, be kind to one another.


3 thoughts on “How Do You Work On Multiple Projects?

  1. Part of the reason I work on multiple things at one time is I’m used to doing that. I mentioned my job in the video. I constantly have to shift gears at work, meaning, I could be working on one thing and have to quickly pivot and do something else, then come back to the original project. My life has kind of always been that hectic, chaotic way.

    If I don’t have multiple things to work on I get bored and often lose the desire to work on that single thing.

    I also have those voices in my head that I mention. They are really just story ideas and they are all vying for attention. Sometimes a storyline is more insistent and demands to get out more than another storyline. I generally follow when the story speaks.

    As for a routine or manner to how I keep them flowing, I always read over a good chunk of the story before starting back on it. This puts me back in the characters’ heads and makes it easier for me to continue on with no hiccoughs.


  2. I can read 2 books at the same time but that’s about it. When things work for you never change. I’m happy you can work on numerous books at a time, it means more books…

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