She Had Fangs

A.J. Brown

She had fangs. I noticed them when she smiled at Billy from across the bar. 

“Yo, you see that?” Billy asked after slapping my arm. His eyes, that had been dulled by alcohol a few seconds earlier, lit up with possibility. “She wants me, Jordy.”

“Are you sure about that?” 

“She smiled at me, man, and I know that type of smile.”


“Yeah, that’s a woman who wants a man, and I’m that man.”

“Did you see her teeth?”

“Oh, I saw them, Jordy. Teeth like that can …”

“Teeth like that can what?” the woman said, her voice soft and sultry and inviting.

We both jerked our heads toward her. I don’t know about Billy, but I didn’t hear her walk up. I didn’t even feel her there until she spoke. 

“Umm …  umm …” Billy stammered. I understood why. From a distance she was attractive and sexy—a trick alcohol often played on your mind. Up close, she was breathtaking. Her skin was pale, and against the backdrop of the dimly lit bar, it almost glowed. Her blue eyes were almost a smokey gray and her lips were full and smooth and kissable. She wasn’t petite, but had more of a full figure, one that Marilyn Monroe would have been envious of, and her green dress clung to every Monroe-like curve.

“Would you like to find out what these teeth can do?” she asked Billy. One of her hands touched his chest, the nails on the long fingers painted a dark shade of purple. 

“I’d love to know what those teeth can do.” He had a stupid smile on his face, showing off his yellow stained teeth. 

Vampire 2She took his hand, pulled him from the bar and pressed her body against him. Their lips touched and she kissed him for several long seconds. I’m not going to lie and say I felt a little jealous. I didn’t. I was a lot jealous. My chest tightened as I watched her kiss that bum, Billy, a womanizer if there ever was one. He would bed her, thank her, maybe even drop a twenty on her nightstand, get dressed and leave her in the bed wondering how she managed to let him in her life. Then he would come back to the bar and talk about his conquest. I hated him.

“Come on,” she said and led Billy through the bar and toward the back door. A moment later, they were out the door and into the night.

I sat at the bar, beer in hand, shaking my head. What did she see in him? How could she even want him? Billy didn’t even like curvier girls, preferring the taller, thinner ones. I took a swallow of my beer. It tasted stale. I set the glass on the bar and dropped a five beside it. I lifted my hand to order another one, then stopped. Her teeth … they had been long and sharp, as if she had fangs.

I stood fast. The stool shot from beneath me and clattered on the hardwood floor. The barkeep said something, but I missed it. I made my way through the bar and out the back door. 

The air gripped me in its cool embrace, just as she gripped Billy in her pale arms. I felt the chill run up my spine, but a heat stir below my belt. She had Billy pinned to the wall, her mouth buried in his neck. Billy’s eyes were glazed over and his mouth hung open. The palms of his hands were flat on the red brick wall. 

“Hey!” I yelled.

Her head lifted up and she stared at me. Blood dribbled down her chin and landed on her dress. My breath caught and that heat grew more intense; my jealousy skyrocketed. 

She grabbed him by the hair with one hand and smiled at me. “Do you want some?”

I nodded. It was as if I was hypnotized by the scene in front of me. 

“Come and get some, then.”

I walked toward her, my feet not quite dragging on the ground, but not being picked up and put back down either. I reached them in seconds. She smiled. I smiled back. She turned Billy’s neck, showing me where she had bitten him. I lowered my mouth to his wound and drank.

She had fangs. So did I.



I don’t write many vampire stories. When I started writing vampires were the subject matter I liked the most. However, vampires with feelings and sparkly vampires kind of ruined them for me. I hadn’t written a vampire piece in over fifteen years when this little idea came to mind. I don’t know if I will write many more fanged stories, but I kind of enjoyed this quick piece.

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