What Matters? The Story

I’m going to try and make this short, but I can’t promise anything.  If you’ve followed this space, then you have heard the name Michelle Garren Flye.  She has been a good writer friend of mine for at least the last ten years.  Michelle recently wrote a blog titled,  Writers: Don’t Wait. Write A Banned Book Today.  No, it’s not about writing books that get banned, but about writing the story that wants to come out.  It’s about not writing what others think will sell, but writing what you want to write, how you want to write it.  You can read the blog by following the link above.  It’s a good read.  You should check it out when you are done here.

I agree with Michelle’s thoughts.  Writers have gone away from the art of writing and have settled for the formula for what publishers think will sell.  It may not be a great story, but it followed the formula, therefore it is publishable.  I disagree, but that is for another blog.  A good many writers are enjoying success by using the formula of write a lot of action, few descriptions and lots of language and sex (hey, sex sells).  There is a little more to the formula, but one of the keys is a publisher has to believe they can make money off the story.  Whether the book is good or not, if it is sellable, it will get published.

The problem?  Everyone is writing in the same manner and writing the same subjects.  They are (and you have heard this before from me) cookie cutter writers.  Sure, there are those that are doing well writing like everyone else, so why change?  Well, you change because you want to give the readers the very best you can.  That’s right.  You should write with your readers in mind.  Who would have thought?  You have to tell them the best story you can, not the best book you can.  There is a difference.  Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can tell a story.

So often we forget that it is about the story.  Not the writing, not the marketing, not the selling and not the book reviews.  It is always the story.  Tell the story and tell it in your own, unique style.  Don’t be like everyone else.  Be yourself.  Be the writer the story wants to be told through.

Don’t be a cookie cutter writer.  Don’t be like everyone else.  Develop your own style.  Develop your own voice.  Find that way of writing that makes you happy and makes you want to write.  But, most importantly, write the story that wants to be written.

This is something I strongly believe in.  This is why I write the way I write.  I believe in my way of telling stories.  I believe it is an art form.  I learned a lot of my style from my grandfather.  I loved hearing him tell stories.  I don’t want to be like anyone else.  I don’t want to write the way everyone else does.  I tried it.  I didn’t like it.

If you’re a writer, take a chance and write something that you want to write, not something you think will sell.  If you are a reader, take a chance on someone you’ve never heard of.  That person might become your new favorite writer.

Until we meet again, my friends, be kind to one another…

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