Life Is…

Life is… umm… funny sometimes.

Really, it is.

Ask my son as he stood at the coffee maker this morning, eyeballing it as the coffee filled the pot. For me, watching that pot would have been the same as watching grass grow or paint dry. For Logan it was anticipation, exciting, the build up before the reward.

He ran into my room and said, “Daddy, the coffee is over the ‘six line.’ What does that mean?”

The six line? You know, the line on the coffee pot that shows it has brewed passed the six cup level. I generally make a seven cup pot in the morning. It’s a little more than I need, but then there are those days, like today, when my son wakes early.

I answered his question with, “It means it’s over the six line.”

“I know that,” he replied.

I smiled and asked. “Do you want a cup of coffee?”

“Umm… Yeeaaahhhhh.”

If you have children then you know how long that yeah was and you know there was a look of sarcasm on his face, his arms out to his side. You can change that yeah to a duh and you would know what it meant just as well.

I laughed.

The boy got his cup of coffee.

It was funny.

But life also has a way of sneaking up on you.

It’s time and we can’t bottle it.

My son is seven and my daughter is ten about to turn eleven. My baby brother just turned thirty. My baby sister just got married last month.

Life. It sneaks up on you.

A friend of mine’s husband died this past Thursday. I went to the funeral yesterday (my best friend went, seeing how he was friends with the woman I speak of as well). It was, quite possibly, the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever attended. It was emotionally charged and there were points where–and no I’m not going to say I am super macho and it didn’t bother me in the least–I teared up.

What I took away from the funeral was something very basic, but something many of us miss: So often we don’t enjoy life. We go through the motions, the daily grind of working and cleaning and paying bills and taking care of our children and we let life sneak up on us. We don’t take the time to enjoy the life we are given. We complain and moan and groan to anyone who will listen because we have burdens. Oh yes we do. Many of those burdens are simply in our heads and not real at all.

We worry more about someone wronging us or cutting us off in traffic or if our favorite television show is going to be cancelled. We worry about things we have no control over.

We hold onto the past–something we can’t get back. I understand this all too well. The truth is life is built on memories. Each thing we have learned, each thing we have heard or said or done or witnessed all become part of our memories. Memories are good. Dwelling on past failures or mistakes are not so good. Some of us try to drown those mistakes in drinking or using drugs or just saying ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and giving up.

Life sneaks up on us.

Kansas once sang a song called Dust in the Wind. The opening lyric:

I close my eyes only for a moment, and the moment’s gone.

I say to you, Fair Readers, don’t let a moment pass you by that you’ll wish you had back later. Live. Understand what I’m saying here: Live. Don’t just go through the motions, but live your life. Enjoy your life. The young man who was laid to rest yesterday did just that: he lived life and I’m sure he had no regrets before passing on.

For me, this blog was more of a purging–a way for me to release what’s in my head, in my heart. I don’t know what it is for you, the readers. Hopefully, a little inspiring.

I’m going to stop here. In the coming weeks I have a couple of interviews that will be posted. Also, come back tomorrow when the topic of the day will be ‘What Constitutes a Horror Story?’ If you guys came by on Sunday, you will have noticed Crashman Jack. Yeah, he’ll be back later this week and in the coming weeks as well. He and the Deconstructioneers will be working on Logan’s RC car, rebuilding it thanks to the nasty crash he had–concrete just doesn’t budge when struck by plastic. And there is also new information about an upcoming publication that picked up one of my stories and updates on the collection I am working on. Stick around. It’s about to get busy around here again.

Thank you for reading and until we meet again, my friends…

One thought on “Life Is…

  1. As Ferris Bueller would say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (My husband and I just finished watching a series of John Hughes movies.)


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