The Deconstruction… err… Reconstruction of the Boy’s RC


It looks like I might be taking over this blog on occassion, you know, give the old guy a break.



There’s a slight problem though. The boy has wrecked it. Yeah, yeah, you’re supposed to be able to wreck RC Cars–half the fun is seeing how many times you can flip it over or how far you can get it to jump. But this is different.


I’ll show you.





It gets better.

If we were simply only replacing the Stub Axle Carrier, all would be well and I probably wouldn’t need the entire crew here (especially since we normally deconstruct things, not reconstruct them).




There is also the issue of replacing the antennae cap–which really isn’t an issue at all.

As you can see, there is work to be done. The Deconstructioneers are here, and as soon as the rest of the parts come in, our labor will begin.

We’ll keep you updated (If I can get the old guy to cooperate) as our progress continues.

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