A Question to the Readers

Posted: February 22, 2012 by ajbrown in Writing
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A while back I tried a series of blogs titled Theater of Nightmares. I liked them, but found very few people following them or even reading it. I abandoned it as a lost cause, but often wish I would have finished the series. It had a great premise that could have turned into a novel later on.

It was trial and error.

I also have a series titled, Dredging Up Memories, that has been running at Tales of the Zombie War for a little while. It’s through part VI and I have the next three installments written. The tenth chapter, which I am about to write, brings a revelation for the main character (as if he hasn’t already had a few of those) that could change the entire series.

As it is, I enjoy the series writing, though not so much to write full blown novels about people or events.

My question is would any of you readers be interested in a series? I have ideas, including something I call Missing Man, but if I were to entertain these thoughts, I would like to know someone is going to read them besides myself and a couple of friends.

So, dear readers, would you be interested in a new series? I might even let Herbie write some of the installments.

Thanks for checking in and I look forward to your responses.

Until we meet again, my friends…

  1. john says:

    Hard to say, A.J. If the story is compelling and the writing sharp (and knowing you, I’m confident it would be both), I might stick with it. My problem is I’m just one of those people who don’t sit down and read a lot at a computer — to my great shame, I haven’t yet read Along the Splintered Path. Although I have come to love my Kindle, I just don’t read a lot at the computer (maybe it’s because I do that all day at work).

    Having said all of that, if the series pieces were relatively short, and strung together fairly closely, I might very well give it a go.

  2. Have to agree with John. I don’t read a lot on my computer. Why? I think it is because I feel I’m squandering writing time. I like series in magazines, not that you see that much anymore. Not sure I’d stick with the series, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s just me.

    • ajbrown says:

      John and Deborah, I totally get what you’re saying and it makes sense. I don’t usually do a ton of reading on the computer either. My wife’s Kindle is fairly easy to read from, but I don’t use it hardly at all.

      Thanks for your input. I greatly appreciate it.

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