A while back I tried a series of blogs titled Theater of Nightmares. I liked them, but found very few people following them or even reading it. I abandoned it as a lost cause, but often wish I would have finished the series. It had a great premise that could have turned into a novel later on.

It was trial and error.

I also have a series titled, Dredging Up Memories, that has been running at Tales of the Zombie War for a little while. It’s through part VI and I have the next three installments written. The tenth chapter, which I am about to write, brings a revelation for the main character (as if he hasn’t already had a few of those) that could change the entire series.

As it is, I enjoy the series writing, though not so much to write full blown novels about people or events.

My question is would any of you readers be interested in a series? I have ideas, including something I call Missing Man, but if I were to entertain these thoughts, I would like to know someone is going to read them besides myself and a couple of friends.

So, dear readers, would you be interested in a new series? I might even let Herbie write some of the installments.

Thanks for checking in and I look forward to your responses.

Until we meet again, my friends…

3 thoughts on “A Question to the Readers

  1. Hard to say, A.J. If the story is compelling and the writing sharp (and knowing you, I’m confident it would be both), I might stick with it. My problem is I’m just one of those people who don’t sit down and read a lot at a computer — to my great shame, I haven’t yet read Along the Splintered Path. Although I have come to love my Kindle, I just don’t read a lot at the computer (maybe it’s because I do that all day at work).

    Having said all of that, if the series pieces were relatively short, and strung together fairly closely, I might very well give it a go.


  2. Have to agree with John. I don’t read a lot on my computer. Why? I think it is because I feel I’m squandering writing time. I like series in magazines, not that you see that much anymore. Not sure I’d stick with the series, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s just me.


    1. John and Deborah, I totally get what you’re saying and it makes sense. I don’t usually do a ton of reading on the computer either. My wife’s Kindle is fairly easy to read from, but I don’t use it hardly at all.

      Thanks for your input. I greatly appreciate it.


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