In an interview I did recently a question was asked, something I don’t think anyone has ever asked me. I had to think about it for a few minutes before answering.

What’s the question, you ask?

Why should people read your work?

You may not think so, but that’s a heavy question.

So, why should they? Why should you, the reader, read my work?

I could get all complicated here and give you a long drawn out reason, but the truth is, because I think you will like the stories. No, that’s not right. I believe you will like the stories.

There is a chance you won’t. There’s always that chance, but I think more folks than not will enjoy not only my recent collection, but other stories as well.

I could say that making money and popularity is secondary in nature and that would be the absolute truth. Many folks won’t believe it, but it is the truth. I’m a writer. I want people to read my work.

That is the bottom line.

I believe that if you are a writer and you are not interested in your readers and that you only want to publish books to make money, get the chicks (or dudes) and live the dream, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

For me, writing is about two things:

The story and the reader.

Why? They go hand in hand. If you write a story then you need someone to read it and if you’re not concerned about the reader, well, they won’t stay concerned about the story.

I try to write stories that I would enjoy. That means I try to get into the heads of my characters and I try to develop a mood and scenery and stories that people would enjoy. The key word there is ‘try.’ I don’t write all action, all the time. Those stories bore me. Most of them have little to no character development and scenery takes a back seat and is rarely used, even when it is necessary.

I’m a writer… and I need you, the readers.

It’s that simple. Without you, we are nothing. If any writer says that he/she doesn’t care about the readers, well, they are either too arrogant to see that they are totally wrong or they are lying. The readers make the writers. They can also wreck the writers.

I believe that writers and readers depend on each other. It’s up to us, the writers, to pen stories that folks will like. It’s up to you, the readers, to read and either like or dislike our tales. You want good books and we want to write them for you. The burden is on both of us; the writer needs to tell as good of a story as he or she possibly can; the reader needs to let folks know if they liked something someone wrote, to let others experience what they experienced. Word of mouth goes a long way in this world. How do you think the most famous writers became famous? That’s right, by one person telling someone about a book they read and that person telling two other people and those two people telling two other people and so on.

We need each other.

So, if you’re willing, take my hand, let me take you on a journey into my world of make believe, in the world of Ever Never. I’ll do my best to guide you along and I’ll hold your hand all the while, not letting go as long as you are with me.

The question was asked:

Why should people read your work?

Because I need you to. I want you to. And I believe you’ll enjoy what you read. Without you, the readers, I am nothing and my words are meaningless.

That’s why.

Until we meet again, my friends…

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