Smashwords and Me…

After much research I have decided to experiment a little with the epublication world, more to the point: e-books. I guess this is a bit like self publishing, which I have never really been a fan of, but unlike POD (Print On Demand) books, I chose to go the Smashwords route, which is a platform that allows you to format your story once (using their style guide) and then they, essentially, do the rest of the work for you.

I debated this decision for quite a while before finally saying why not give it a shot?

A little history on the first story, The Woman Who Loved the Red Stucco House:

This story would never have come about if not for Allison Hunter-Frederick. Allison posted a writing prompt in a writer’s office on the Zoetrope Virtual Studios where I am often found frequenting the offices and lurking in the shadows. The prompt was based on tinting your scenes with emotions and the scene was a house. The house was to be depicted in two different ways: describe it after winning the lottery and then describe it as if someone had been murdered there. (This exercise came from The Reviser’s Toolbox by Barry Lane).

After pondering for a few minutes, the opening line just kind of came to me. From there, the rest of the story sort of spilled out. If you’re a writer, then you understand this feeling and to deny it from running it’s course is a huge mistake.

At any rate, I let the folks in that office read the story and I mentioned I may put it up on Smashwords, but I was concerned with doing the cover since I am not all that great with graphics. In steps my friend Jack S. Rogers who offered to do the cover free of charge. Upon seeing the work he did I was blown away and asked if I could use it. Jack said of course—in a manner of speaking.

Then came what I thought would be the most daunting task: formatting the story to fit Smashwords. It was actually quite easy and I think once I do this a few times, it will be second nature, just like typing while not looking at the keys has become.

Finally, the story is up and you can download this one FOR FREE at Smashwords. Feel free to take a look—download it, read it, enjoy it and if you have a moment to spare, write a little review for the story.

It’s much appreciated.

The link to the story is here:

The Woman Who Loved the Red Stucco House

As a writer, I thank you every time you read one of my stories. Feel free to drop me a line here at Type AJ Negative or at my Facebook page. I’d love to hear what you guys and gals have to say.

For now, I’m AJ and I’m out…

If you have a moment, would you please leave a comment below?

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